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Lineapelle has launched the Now & Together project. Key words are: INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRY NETWORK ENGAGEMENTS.

NOW, because it develops into a "non-stop now".
TOGETHER, because it is a direct call for participation and mutual sharing.

It is the digital communication tool of Lineapelle and its aim is to shape the international community that makes up Lineapelle's supply chain. Getting close to the final product supply chain: communication, marketing, design and retail.

It is a digital industry social hub in constant evolution and it will make the Lineapelle account a platform, within which its community can communicate, get in touch, interact, meet, discuss and do business 365 days a year.

It is a project of continuous involvement, that is going to turn Lineapelle's Instagram account into the home of its entire community.

It was born in an emergency phase, dominated by a lockdown that smashed walls and opened doors, making communication and interaction between professionals, designers and international entrepreneurs easier.

In the first 5 weeks, in the context of a global condition of forced housing, we had the Home Edition of the project, based on a schedule of social activities composed by Zoom webinars and thematic Live Instagram Interviews, feeds and stories.

In June, a new phase has started, named “Industry Edition”, featuring interviews with the next leaders and creators of the fashion industry. Its the aim is to propose new business actions to the future leaders of the international business world.

To learn more about the project click here.

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