Now & Together

Lineapelle Social Community Project

Lineapelle launches NOW & TOGETHER, a project of continuous involvement that is going to turn Lineapelle's virtual platforms and social media into the home of its entire community.

The key word is engagement.

The aim is to shape the vast and transversal community that makes up Lineapelle's supply chain.

The tool is digital: it was born in an emergency phase, dominated by a lockdown that, through the online, has smashed walls and opened doors, literally entering the homes and rooms of all of us.

Lineapelle launches NOW & TOGETHER.
NOW, because it develops into a " non-stop now".
TOGETHER because it is a direct call for participation and mutual sharing.

LINEAPELLE NOW & TOGETHER develops along two parallel lines.

The first one is related to the current global condition of forced housing. A Home Edition of the project based on a schedule of social activities including Zoom webinars, Live Instagram Interview themes, feeds and stories.

The second one represents a digital social hub in continual evolution and will make Lineapelle account a platform where its community can communicate, get in touch, interact, dialogue: 365 days a year.


Friday, April 24th Zoom webinar: "Buy less. Buy better". 
Guests: Orietta Pelizzari (International Fashion advisor), Emiliy Sawamura (Industrial Design Studio from Los Angeles, USA), Sharon Roth (Fashion buyer from Seattle, USA)

Thursday, April 29th Live Instagram: "Which is your wish list?". 
Guests: Orietta Pelizzari (International Fashion advisor), Diego Serafini (China/Italy entrepreneur, founder of DSI Group), Daniele Solari (Sales & Marketing Director CANOVA), Stefania Viti (Journalist and Nipponist), Paola Vitali D'Arcano (Shoes designer).

Friday, May 8th, Zoom webinar: "Sustainability. Next". 
Guests: Orietta Pelizzari (International Fashion advisor), Federico Brugnoli (Lineapelle Innovation Square curator). 

Friday, May 15th, Zoom webinar: "Communicating online through colours and materials”.
Guests: Orietta Pelizzari (International Fashion advisor), Carolina Calzada-Oliveira (Co-Founder of Calzada Fox Limited) and Justine Fox (Co-Founder of Calzada Fox Limited).

Friday, May 22nd, Zoom webinar: "The real authentic_il vero autentico” moderated by Orietta Pelizzari (International fashion advisor).
Guests: Marco Campomaggi (President of Campomaggi Bags) and Luigi Taglienti (Chef executive at Lume Milano restaurant).

Friday, May 29th, Zoom webinar: "A visionary design to reshape Made in Italy” moderated by Orietta Pelizzari (International fashion advisor). 
Guests: Matteo Cibic (Italian trans-media artist and designer ) and Mirco Cara (entrepreneur).

Thursday, June 4th, Zoom webinar: “CREATIVITY AND SUSTAINABILITY. Talking with Marianna Rosati, DROMe" moderated by Orietta Pelizzari (International fashion advisor).
Guest: Marianna Rosati, creative director at DROMe.
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