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Last Wednesday, February 19, the seminar "Leather supply chain commitment to Sustainability: traceability and animal welfare", organized in collaboration with Lineapelle, took place.

In parallel with the presentation of the new UNIC Sustainability Report (re-set with an approach linked to the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN Agenda 2030) and consequently promote the full sustainability of the Italian tanning industry, the aim of the event was to offer a focus analysis on some specific aspects of the leather supply chain: traceability, animal welfare and the consequent improvement of raw material quality through supply chain initiatives.

The speakers, including research institutes (Department of Veterinary Medicine, University of Milan), international organizations (UNECE) and companies, presented projects and collaborative actions of the international supply chain on these issues.

About 130 people attended, both Italian and foreign, including many of the most important fashion and sportswear brands, confirming the growing attention of the market for the topics discussed.

Click here for the complete program of speeches.

Click here for the complete video of the event.

Click here for the final videoclip of the event.

Click here to download UNIC sustainability report.