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Lineapelle Innovation Square, Milan, September 25-27: focus on the future

On 25-27 September 2018, Lineapelle95 is going to open a new window onto innovation: we are talking about Lineapelle Innovation Square, a three-day event, going on simultaneously with the fair, during which they will present new and selected technologies along with innovative solutions of paramount importance in the leather industry. Focus on innovation then, which is meant to be the key element and the driving topic in the project itself.

Actually, people will experience a meeting space, intentionally designed according to innovation, which aims to foster a mutual exchange of experiences and information between research and innovation, on one side, and the market. The project also aims to set a connection between rewarding research outcomes (which cannot immediately apply on an industrial scale though), advanced Research&Development and high-end luxury and fashion industry.

Lineapelle Innovation Square will provide several stakeholders with a unique opportunity to meet up while focusing on their common interest in topical issues concerning the future of fashion industry and luxury materials.

During the three-day event, well-respected lecturers will discuss different topics, previously selected by the Scientific Board, to arouse curiosity and open interesting debates on Biotechnology of Fashion, Future of materials & materials of the future, Biomimicry and the Fashion world, Human materials interaction, Digitalization – Artificial intelligence, Circularity, Fit2Comfort, Digital Skills for the fashion industry.

In the same space, visitors will be able to personally meet companies and institutes, coming from all over the world, to get to know and learn more about research and solutions currently implemented.

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Lineapelle Innovation Square, Milan, September 25-27: focus on the future