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Versilia Yachting Rendez-Vous (10-13 May)

Luxury Yachting winks at Lineapelle

Versilia Yachting Rendez-Vous celebrates its second edition.

Lineapelle joins the event again, to further confirm the strategic importance of Italian leather in this niche (very smart though) design sector.

During the event, which took place on May 10-13 at the Viareggio Dock, approval and curiosity arose around the several works presented, at the Italian Leather by Lineapelle space, by tanneries  (Anaconda, Ausonia, BCN, Chiorino Technology, Elmo Leather/Rino Mastrotto Group, Dani, Ecopell 2000, Italhide, Italian Leather Company, Louisiane, Pelicon/Orylag, Russo di Casandrino, Thule Italia, TM Service, Valori, Valpel and Gaiera Giovanni).

The aim was to show the multiple and diversified applications of leather, which can be variously employed in the yachting design industry thanks to its versatility. In the same article, a fashionable look and remarkable technical performances can be combined. Let’s set sails.

Versilia Yachting Rendez-Vous (10-13 May)