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New York to be the capital city of leather in July 2019

Lineapelle to promote the fourth World Leather Congress

An authentic “leather week” will turn New York into the world capital city of leather. Lineapelle is going to promote the fourth edition of the World Leather Congress, the international tanners meeting, scheduled in New York on 16 July 2019, one day before the kickoff of its preview in the Big Apple (Lineapelle New York is on the agenda on Wednesday 17 and Thursday 18 July 2019). In doing so, they will liaise with UNIC (the Italian Tanners Association) together with Leather Industries of America (LIA), the association of American tanners, USHSLA (the US Hide and Leather Association) and ICT (the International Council of Tanners). Sticking to the concept of the event, they will focus on a various range of themes: business, research, production issues, leather culture. In other words, they will spotlight “Leather in Everyday Life”. Organizers point out: “Speakers coming from the fashion industry and other sectors of the leather industry will stress the reasons why leather is such an adaptable material that variously affects people’s everyday life, in their houses, cars, clothes, sports and accessories. Other speakers will talk about the history and the value of leather, emphasizing its environmental sustainability”. “A fashion show, presenting unique works made by fashion designers from all over the world, including The United States, Italy, Brazil and China”, will close the fourth edition of the World Leather Congress. 

New York to be the capital city of leather in July 2019