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New Sensorium Virtual reality

New Sensorium broadens the horizons of perception.

An exploration of new realms of the senses, a new awareness of a sensibility that is communicated through digital technologies.

Visitors to the trend area in pavilions 13-15 are invited to explore the ideas on show in an interactive and immersive way, using special digital headsets to explore four 3D microcosms.

The interactive goggles are fitted with stereoscopic video screens, which transport visitors into the experience of a computer generated 3D world. Sophisticated sensors detect the user’s head movement, allowing them to navigate through these digital realms: an incredible virtual reality experience that is as easy and natural to use as our interaction with the real world, creating a magical and unforgettable experience.

These virtual worlds are home to the moods of the coming season and are explored and reinterpreted through the use of digital language. 

New Sensorium Virtual reality