The term upper refers to the external upper part of the footwear. It is a surface shaped according to the model line and attached to the sole by means of glue or stitching.

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The uppers

The uppers are made of numerous types of materials; the most common are:

  • Leather uppers
  • Plastic uppers
  • Fabric uppers
  • Mixed uppers (leather and plastic and / or fabric)

The uppers can be produced in different variations, depending on the type of final aspect we want to give to the shoe.
A wide range of materials and combinations of materials are now used in the manufacture of footwear, boots and shoes. The base uppers are mainly made of leather, synthetic materials, rubber and fabric. Each material has its own characteristics, and they differ not only in their appearance, but also for physical properties, durability and functionality. The choice of material greatly influences the life of the shoe and its style.
The leather uppers are among the most used, natural materials, breathable and flexible, allowing to have high elasticity and greater ductility in the manufacture for a better fit of the foot.
The leather uppers are used especially for elegant and stylish shoes.

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