Fashion News


The directions we saw in the exhibitors' collections:


  • The general trend is towards leathers with finer grains and glossy finishes
  • Soft and shiny nappas were popular
  • Basics and classics with the feel and the refined and genuine softness typical of natural materials
  • A renewed interest in materials with matt or satin surfaces
  • We are still seeing lots of leopared-print patterns, both on leather and on cavallino
  • Lots of used-look effects, dye-defect, irregular staining as well as tie-dye
  • Shading, degradè effects
  • Micro-textures as relief prints, laser cuts, also for textile bases for bonded materials
  • Return of patent as long as it is soft and pearly
  • Shaded patent leather
  • Glittery patent with brush off, crumpled washed patents
  • Brush off that reveals the leather and its natural irregularities
  • Crossed leather, split leather with black craquelé effect on fluorescent bases, laminated and flocked split leather
  • Reversed suede-effect calfskin
  • Printed and sanded split leather, also on a metallic base or with very visible designs
  • De-coloured, scratched surfaces
  • Lots of crocodile prints also in fluorescent shades
  • More sophisticated and balanced reptile-style prints
  • Printed crocodile with Swarovski inserts
  • Brush off effect crocodile prints which highlight the contrasting textures.
  • It looked like glitter effects were on the way out, but instead they are still going strong with demand for thin and medium grains with a soft handle that are wear-resistant
  • Fur effect on suede bases, also smooth like nappa; this look is created by needle-punching; carpet stitch embroidery and flock prints
  • Cut-out effect with a fascinating range of varieties and techniques, going as far as a velvety feel to the touch with both metallic and overprinted finishes
  • Heat-formed and heat-sealed nappas with various techniques on both foam and microfiber bases
  • Soft bonded nappas with a swollen, cushion-like look
  • Seamless matelassé padded soft nappas, call to mind a Chesterfield sofa
  • New reinterpretations of metallics: multicolour geometric, padded, overprinted, cut
  • Looking at laminates, the warmest shades of gold and delicate muted silver tones were very popular



  • Threads, finishes, prints and films add gloss – also coloured - to fabrics,.
  • Many aspects of vacuum effects: coloured transparent PU on smooth nylons or on micro-geometries.
  • Glazed effect, not only smooth but also wrinkled, pleated, and quilted.
  • New ideas for padding and thickness, particularly for quilting and embossing on very swollen materials.
  • Wools and woollen looks, micro and macro houndstooth, tweeds and chevrons. Bouclé threads for multi-coloured Chanel wool, also broken up with lurex or neon threads.
  • We are still seeing lots of 3D nets: simple, printed or superimposed on patterns.
  • Animalier, giraffe, zebra and particularly reptile for jacquards, prints, flocking, needle-punching and lace.
  • Printed, pressed and embroidered velvets.



  • Large chains in gold and nickel or painted with dense colours and glossy finishes. New oversize chains decorated with studs.
  • Metal buckles with printed patterns, florals or with decor motifs.
  • New studs with different shapes, stars, flowers, or pyramid in metals and ABS.
  • Surprising effects: fluorescent, phosphorescent, reflective or fibre-optic details. Spray like neon drops on metals and resins.
  • Laser effects on thick materials with neon colours in the cuts.
  • Details for backpacks in brushed metal or metal + coloured translucent plastic. Flat and thickened swivels and magnets, with figurative designs, heart-shaped, and star-shaped.
  • Metal tips and reinforcements not only in mirror-finish nickel but also in brass, with laser finishing and worn looks. Lots of micro-geometries on ribbons and elastics, in two colours.
  • Transparencies and translucent effects on resins and rubbers, in the buckles and handles of bags. Leather craftsmanship for leather details and charms, with animal shapes, cuddly toys or flowers. Lots of shaded effects on feathers, furs and resins.