Fashion News



The general trend is for glossy surfaces. There is no sign of turning away from glitter, but we are seeing more interest in paler hues of silver and light gold, often with a satin effect. Hologram-effect iridescence is also becoming more opaque, with more pearl-like finishes than laminates.
However, laminates and glitter were very popular on suede, especially when the laminates were broken or opaque.
Split leather was successful in the most interesting doubles; rubberized, bonded with laminates or patterned polyurethane or bonded with terry cloth.
There was continued interest in elasticated leathers, especially with novel and original features.
Fluorescent colours have also contaminated reptiles, which are highly worked, with over printing, laser effects, laminates, and pearly and glittery finishes.


Weaving with cotton, linen, raffia and metal threads were very popular. We saw attractive weaves with small geometric or flower-print ribbons, also shiny and stripy soutache embroideries on opaque bases.
Metallic touches were popular also on classics, on jacquards, with the addition of lurex threads, lightly metalized finishes, or with platinum metal overprinting. Glitter returns to the fine grain it had abandoned in previous seasons. Glitter techniques were popular with surprising effects, with the inclusion of elements such as cork fragments or small seeds. We also saw lace overlaid on a wide variety of bases.
Fine summery, glossy velvets and technical satins were also well received.
Denim jacquard, with distinctive finishes, a light sheen or gentle rubberizing.
We once again saw 2 or 3 color nylon micro-geometries. Three-dimensional nets, also bonded with printed fabrics. Technical fabrics with honeycomb or geometrical micro-motifs were popular. 
There was a lot of interest in multicolored stripes, in a range of thicknesses, also constructed with patchworks of different textiles.
Stretch handle and re-dimensioned volumes compared to previous seasons. Extremely light parachute fabric attracted interest for both bags and footwear.



Small parts were popular in glossy tones of gold and platinum. We also saw satin finishes. As well as the more classic galvanizations, there was interest in more unusual finishings on metallic chains, including glazed, shimmering and sprayed finishes. Small parts and details made with cut and heat-formed leather were very attractive, also when decorated with studs, rhinestones and metallic parts. Zips were re-dimensioned, with sophisticated forms for teeth and pullers.