Fashion News


We would like to report some relevant innovations about materials that have shown up on Lineapelle last edition (autumn/ winter 16-17)


Still focusing on leather quality in classic items with good finishing

  • Nature and clean leather, soft, showing a grain surface.
  • Substantial and nappa calf.
  • Laminated leather and mirror look.
  • Metallized leather with brush-off effect.
  • Geometric and abstract print on patent leather
  • Luminosity and naplack effect, colourful glitter applications.
  • Glazed leather and light polished.
  • Cut-out and iridescent leather.
  • Flower print and film applications on suede.
  • Natural colours and light up, intense bordeaux hues and darkness blue.
  • Bonded leather with rubber, fabrics, wool and mesh on the base.
  • Bonded leather rubberized with knitting reliefs.
  • Bonded leather with knitting metalized yarn.
  • Highlighting work on fur surface, frequent inserts of fur on shoes. Heavy sheep skin with high and curling wool.
  • Dégradé colour on fur.
  • Printed inspiration on tweed, Shetland and colourful geometrics in soft cavallino.
  • Dégradé on rubberized exotic leather.
  • Flocked on exotic leather.
  • Geometric, abstract, animal themes for leather print.


  • Original felt and jacquard.
  • Wool felting with technologic fabrics.
  • Rubberized print on cotton and wool fabrics.
  • Jacquard with different yarns thickness, 3D effect.
  • Fabrics with small sequins.
  • Embroidery on synthetic fur.
  • Abstract and geometric motif on plastic surface.
  • Spacer with floral decoration embroidery.


  • Peculiar shapes, buckles with closely set finishing: Pearled opaque, clean and linear.
  • Geometry and clean shapes on gold and silver coloured metals, with shine and glazed effect.
  • Rubber finishing mixed with gold or silver.
  • Precious soft chains.
  • Geometric irregular shapes on crystal with shine finishing and opaque at the same time.
  • Geometric shapes on heels, coloured, dégradé, rubberized.
  • Flower ornamental applications.
  • Spacer fabrics labels with rubberized printing.