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Accessories - Looking ahead

Let’s consider the direction taken by samples for Summer ’17, looking in particular at accessories.

At Anteprima we saw a great deal of interest for manual finishings on tapes and for applications, from weaves to macramé, to more innovative embroideries.

  • Macramé will use leather on its own, or together with cotton or denim threads, also becoming highly coloured applications to apply over natural linen.
  • We expect to see geometric weaving of cotton ribbons alternated with patent leather to create new two-colour chevron effects.
  • Embroidery in terry stitching with leather strips, or narrow, rigid threads to create a summer velvet effect. Embroidery with a very three-dimensional effect.
  • Frill finishing with light cotton threads, or complex finishings on plissé, perforations, worked as patches together with techno-nets or prints.
  • Hand finishing also for studs, heat-sealed application for all over which leaves room for more complex applications with logos or nails, partially covered by leather threads woven on the surface.