Fashion News


The last Lineapelle fair was one of the best editions with regards to leather innovative techniques.


  • Innovative and beautiful cotton bonded with thin cut wood
  • Rubber printing fabric
  • Cotton and linen textures with soft and smooth washing; treatments are no longer tough and strong; dusty colours and even surfaces
  • Washed iridescent fabric
  • Denim, jacquard fabric
  • Metal effect denims
  • 3D technical fabric
  • Several iridescent and luminescent effects, glitter, elegant details on fabric surfaces.



  • Fluorescent colors normally used in the sneaker world are shown on leather, such as nappa and calf, also with patent leather finishing
  • Back to soft patent leather with several effects: relief pois, small geometric pattern
  • Back to nappa for apparel
  • Goat patent leather and goat boarded leather
  • Several technical printings, very close to Street Style (chic and sport urban), on deep colour and good quality leather, coming from synthetic / rubberized materials.
  • Bonded leather that looks like a 3D net.
  • Three-dimensional effect on leather with texture on surfaces; refined colours and quality
  • Back to vegetable or semi-vegetable tanned leather
  • Natural grain on calf skin,
  • Brush-off with light colors, aniline effect
  • Suede split made with white tannage: an excellent starting point for ink-jet drawings and fluorescent, bright colours
  • Small printing, medium grain patterns printed twice.
  • Elegant and sophisticated floral, soft hands touch; beautiful nubuck with pastel, natural colours
  • On the whole close attention to leather bases to develop ink-jet patterns
  • Several iridescent and luminescent effects, glitter, elegant details on leather surfaces
  • Plenty of boarded leather on top quality leather
  • Lots of laminated and metallized leather even with fluid metal effect
  • Laminated brush-off leather
  • Snake skin with different effects: metal powders and patent skin “crystal” effect
  • Snake skin painting effect.