Summer 19 trends

Summer 19 trends

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The development of research into materials, colours and surfaces for the "spring-summer 19" season explores cleanliness and tactile emotions. The pleasure in stratifying processes to create rich and surprising effects continues, but new developments look to basics. High-performance and flexible basics that bring together nature and technology, perfect to be interpreted both by more fashion-forward products and by the most popular sportcore.

Liquid shine, opalescent effects, light stratifications of processes and shades. Grains from micro to macro, also celebrated on summer doubles.

Colours. The season is certainly colourful, but toned down when alternated with neutrals.

Colours tell never-ending stories, without geographical or cultural borders, chromatic harmonies will be more interesting than colour ranges.

Indian yellow and Swedish blue, Tibetan orange and French grey, intermingled with nude tones that extend to dark brown used as a new black.