Trends Winter 18/19

Trends Winter 18/19


New creative maps are going to guide us through the multiple facets of our times. Unforeseeable intersections are matching surprisingly classics, basics and creative frenzy.

The FW 18/19 season will surprise us with new combinations and colour harmonies, where neutral tones, warm and natural, will become the new pastels. We are going to match neutrals with colour, with dark tones, with winter whites. Colours and materials will combine timeless storytelling and a daring research.



Colour palettes will use warm and natural neutral tones as new pastels, like a fil rouge running through all moods. Neutrals will be matched with colours, with dark tones, with winter white.



materials highlighting timeless tales will be the commercial basis for the season, a return to a classic style balancing the creative weirdness seen on the catwalks during the last seasons. 



In a world of contrasts where provocations seem to be the order of the day, the real revolution may well be hidden in normality.

We will also see the birth of daring, eccentric and opulent evolutions, starting from basic, quality materials with traditional surfaces which support the clean style that is once again appearing on the catwalks. This is a season that will offer traditional grains, but now renewed with gloss, from the most outrageous and brilliant, to delicate pearling in dark shades. Opacity and tactile experiences to lift the emotions.